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10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out (2022 Guide)

10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out (2022 Guide) With more than 600 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is easily the largest professional network on the planet. If you’re serious about your career and professional advancement, you need a LinkedIn profile that’s optimized and up to date. Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to […]

What is Business Writing?

Business Writing This handout explains principles in business writing that apply to many different situations, from applying for a job to communicating professionally within business relationships. While the examples that are discussed specifically are the application letter and cover letter, this handout also highlights strategies for effective business writing in general. Business writing refers to […]

Here Are The 20 Best Colleges & Conservatories for Music In the US

Bard College-Conservatory of Music (Annandale-On-Hudson, NY) Noted for top-tier performance faculty, incredibly talented students, and an administration headed by a legendary President, Bard is an intriguing option for an aspiring music major. For the student desiring both music and a rigorous academic major, this represents the ultimate option to immerse yourself in a culture where […]

How to Find Motivation

How to motivate yourself to change Struggling to change in the ways we want to is a common human experience. Many of the practical steps required aren’t easy or fun. This makes motivation a challenge. No matter our excuses – not enough time, not enough energy, not enough money – we often say to ourselves […]

Small Business Grants: Here Are 32 You Can Apply For In 2022

One of the best sources of small business grants is from corporations looking to give back to the community. These often have less competition than other grants because they aren’t listed on popular grant sites like Find What You’re Looking For Incorporate your new business for How to Apply and Win Business Grants Do’s […]

Content ideas

When you find courses work well for your business, certification programs take them to the next level. Imagine even more robust courses that provide your students with homework, tests, and certificates of completion. Make your students feel special with exclusive membership in a special network. Social Media: Hashtags Identify the influencers in your industry. Put […]

Powerful Success Quotes You Need To Achieve Your Dreams

Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country. MARGARET THATCHER (more Margaret Thatcher quotes) Motivational Success Quotes for Business in 2022 Success quotes are inspirational sayings that motivate people to work hard and achieve goals. For example “Success is never accidental.” – […]