How to Ghostwrite a Memoir (Ghostwriting 101)

Hire a Limo-class ghostwriter

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Ghostwriter?

Well, you aren’t alone. This is a very popular question. Shopping for a writer is a bit like walking into a gallery with the hope of acquiring a special piece of art. As you peruse the beautiful paintings on the walls, you might just wonder about their cost. After all, the price tags can vary widely. It can be intimidating to ask the artist, because the price could be well outside your budget.

I’ve noticed that some ghostwriters don’t like to broach this subject on their websites. Maybe they’re worried you’ll just click away when you discover the price. For me, I figure why bury my pricing in some dusty corner of my website? There really is no need to dance around the subject.

As you’ll discover, writers have different fees and some charge in different ways. For instance, some writers may charge by the hour or the page. Most charge by the word. While manuscripts vary in length, a short memoir or novella will be 25,000 words and a full-length book will be 50,000 – 75,000 words. Some clients prefer to publish mini-eBooks, which can be 5,000 – 10,000 words in length. These can be a good option to get one’s feet wet and learn the art of marketing books on Amazon.

Occasionally I’ll run into a client who actually needs a cross between an editor and a ghost, because he has already written most of the book and the first draft is in decent shape. If that’s the case with you, I’d charge much less.

Didya Know I’m a Ghost

As you all know by now, when I’m not in a writers’ room, I ghostwrite memoirs for fascinating people all over the world. It’s an intimate process that I’ve come to love, and I’ve met some truly inspiring people through this work.

Being a memoir ghostwriter means playing the roles of writer and investigative journalist: you need to ask the right questions in order to get the most vivid, compelling stories on the page.

Sometimes, your clients don’t remember all the details, or ask you to interview other people in their life to help fill in the gaps. I’ve traveled to my clients’ homes and family reunions so I can be present at significant functions that will help me further understand who they are and the journey they’ve undertaken so far.

As a television writer by trade, I see so many similarities between these two crafts. As a memoir ghostwriter, you’re still trying to identify the themes and arcs, the subject matter is just different. Both jobs require high levels of empathy so you can relate to your clients and characters. You have to be able to identify with people from all walks of life, and listen without judgment.

How to Find Ghostwriting Jobs

You need to publicize your Ghostwriting services. That should at the very least be a website that includes a detailed Bio as = links related to Books, testimonials, writing samples, contact info, etc. You might want to have your rates upfront, or you may wait until the client reaches out and contacts you. You’ll get a little more exposure if you offer your services at Marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, or Reedsy. Added benefits of these third parties will generate a contract between you and the client and take care of payment. You must know that you have to be patient. You know this takes time to build.

You might offer a phone call, zoom chat, or Skype chat. Make sure to clarify that it’s free. You can have a podcast or start a Blog where you talk or write about storytelling, writing, Honesty. Those options as a video series, a podcast, or a blog. Those will be significantly better marketing tools for you than paid advertising. You might create at least one video and embed it on the front page of your website so that potential clients see it as soon as they land on your website. In the video, talk about Ghostwriting, talk about your writing process, talk about your Novels, talk about what got you started in storytelling, talk about what you do and why you love doing it to show those potential clients that you are a natural person passionate about storytelling.

9 Ghostwriting Job websites:

  1. Upwork– It is the biggest Freelance platform you can find online. Freelancers should pay between

    What does it cost to hire a Great Ghostwriter?

    Great Ghostwriters are just freshers, but after gathering experiences with time, they became Great Ghostwriters. Hiring them must be more costly than hiring a standard Ghostwriter. Great Ghostwriters charge per word or time they spend on writing. They might charge $3500 per 10,000 words, or even more. But again, before hiring a Ghostwriter for so much is excellent work. So it would help if you went through a conversation before hiring a suitable Ghostwriter.

    Ghostwriters stay hidden. They don’t get the real credit they are supposed to get. However, still, they have a good source of income as Ghostwriting. Ghostwriting for a big name gives you first-hand or behind-the-scenes insights into a top firm, blog, or a short author you’re Ghostwriting for. But it’s a sure eye-opener for aspiring bloggers and authors.

    .15 to 800.05 to submit a proposal for a Job.

  2. Freelancer – It is also another popular platform to find Ghostwriting Jobs. You don’t need to pay to submit a job post proposal.
  3. Fiverr – Another option to find Ghostwriting Jobs to become a seller on Fiverr. You have to create gigs packages and set the specific rates for your writing.
  4. Flex Jobs – If you are interested in finding a remote job, Flex is perfect for you.
  5. Solid Gigs– If you are trying to balance your work and looking for Ghostwriting Jobs, then Solid Gigs will be an option for you. New members can sign up for only 5000.
  6. Freedom with Writing– It is a site that provides up-to-date information about recently published jobs.
  7. Studious– Studious will provide you with relevant projects to work on, and you can find dozens of Ghostwriting Jobs.
  8. Writers’ work gives you career training, writing tools, an online portfolio, and other resources. It allows writers to find Ghostwriting Jobs quickly and easily.
  9. Reedsy – If your hobby is to work with best-selling authors and publishers, you can join Reedsy. Make a profile, list your skills, host your portfolio, and showcase your work experience.


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