Do you want to feel healthier? What you need is a “happy pill”. Many experts link well-being with happiness and health. Being healthy is not only achieved from the right food, diet, and exercise. Another big player when it comes to the field of healthy lifestyles is one’s emotional factor.


Being positive all the time doesn’t mean you’re already happy. Techniques like lowering stress levels and relaxation can reduce health problems. One can also feel happiness and contentment when you have reached a sense of achievement, this is very interesting topic also, you can read about this in purpose of life essay.


Being Educated Can Make You Happier


This might not affect everyone, but it is one of the stepping stones to happiness. You will feel happy when your education gives you economic stability.


The Education and Subjective Well-Being discusses how graduates seem happier. This is in comparison to those who haven’t graduated.


Studies with Swedish and American populations show that happier people are those with college degrees. This is also compared to people who don’t have high school degrees.


Correlation Between Education and Happiness


Evidence suggests the economic security of the country impacts happiness. This stresses that those living in poor countries feel happier with educational achievements.


People coming from richer countries have a weaker response to attaining educational achievements. The latter tends to react in a stronger way with education in contrast to the former group.


Measuring Happiness with the Ability to Study


Nowadays studying is more convenient. Students can look for essay writing services. They can do this if they need help with papers, essays, and dissertations. This doesn’t mean that students didn’t do their own research before.


The medium that students use now to help them with their studies is different. What’s important is they feel motivated and happy to learn. It matters that they know more about the subjects that they are studying.


Of course, having third-party applications can help students understand their assignments. Studying shouldn’t be something that brings down a student’s morale. But it should help give them a keen interest to read, research, and study. The purpose of this is to earn added knowledge.


Is There a Right Way to Feel Happy?


According to the Positive Psychology Research by Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson,  there are three pathways to achieve happiness:


  • Feeling good—looking for pleasurable emotions and sensations.
  • Engaging fully—pursuing activities where you can engage most of your time with.
  • Doing good—seeking more meaning outside of what you know about yourself.


This research has been testing hundreds of volunteers. These three are the most common pathways that the researchers have collected. According to the subjects, these were the main factors contributing to life satisfaction.


Why Being Happy Also Makes You Healthy


Contentment, joy, and satisfaction are the common denominators of being happy. The feeling of happiness doesn’t make you a healthy person, but it brings in a lot of health benefits. When you’re happy, you tend to look out for yourself more often.


This means that you’re more conscious about what you eat and how you can further improve your well-being. There are studies showing positive people are likely to be more physically active. They contribute to at least 10 more hours of physical activities in a week.


Happiness also helps improve your sleeping habits and everyday routines. This helps build your concentration and your everyday performance. If you have a well-balanced mind and body, you can maintain a healthy weight and a healthy mind.


Want to get out of an unhealthy lifestyle? It’s about time to help yourself! Start leading a more positive way of living and never stop learning.

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