These are the strategies used in dealing with stressful situation or sorrow. The strategies are good since it help one to overcome stressful situations. These strategies include physical care which deals with taking care of the body through good sleep, eating habit and exercise ( Emotional strategies deal with monitoring well your emotions during the time of grief or sorrow. Spiritual comfort is also important during time of sorrow hence one is required to pray God to intervene during hard times. Personal priorities and social support are also relevant during the time of sorrow. One needs to treat him/herself gently in finding comfort, besides, family and friends also plays an important role in saving somebody out of grief or sorrow hence they should be allowed to intervene.

Dealing with Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is just a chronic disease which is characterized by uncontrollable or compulsive drug use and seeking despite harmful consequences and changes in the brains which can last for long if not treated (National Institute of Drug Abuse). The Counselor in New Hampshire believes that drug addiction is something which can be overcome through the support of all players, which include government authorities and the people themselves. Getting treatment for drug addicts is a challenge since it requires sufficient resources which range from time to medicine. Those who cannot get the treatments are always forced to go back to drinking habits which should not be the case. The state should set aside sufficient financial resources to gather for the needs of the drug addicts. People should be educated on the dangers and health risk associated drug abuse.

Alcohol drug addiction has been a challenge and it has affected my relative physically, economically and socially (GateWay Foundation). In a number of instances, he had tried to stop it but in vain given that he lacks the required moral, emotional and social support. Through the influence of other drug addicts who are his friend he find himself taking alcohol again.

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