Writing an essay on mental health can be challenging due to several factors. First, mental health is a mainly a medical topic that branches out into other fields for research and study. Any treatment or medication can only be written by a licensed medical practitioner.


Since you are a student and writing an essay on mental health, just remember to refrain from giving medical advice or performing experiments without the supervision of licensed medical professional and professor. Now, before you begin, there is one thing you must do.


Learn what mental health covers


Contrary to popular belief, mental health is not just a “mental” topic. It is also physical and in some ways, spiritual. Mental health also covers more than just behavior disorders. It also covers common behaviors, physical effects of mental health, and sociological aspects of mental health. And one last piece of advice: Avoid writing with a stigma against mental health.


Mental health is a recognized field of study and an essential part of society. It is neither good nor bad. It exists and is studied, as you are doing now.


Direction of writing a mental health essay


Approach it from a medical standpoint. That is all there is to it. Without any concrete information from a subjective point of view, all your information and conclusions must be derived from facts that are verified by international medical institutions. For example, do not assume a majority or a minority of data. Prepare your sources and the numbers that support it.


5 Tips to Get You Started on Your Mental Health Essay


Now that you know the basics, this is how you write your mental health essay:


  1. Choose an area of mental health.


As mentioned, mental health is part of the medical field. Thereby, it can be subdivided into several categories. You have the anatomical aspect of mental health, the environmental factors, internal, and genetic factors. Choose one or combine two or three in order to create the topic that is best for your essay.


  1. Discuss an illness, a treatment, or a behavior.


Unless you have a completely unique idea, your best bet is to write about either of these three topics. Mental health, at the moment, studies medical, anthropological, and socilogical factors. While studies are currently underway in different fields, these three are the oldest and most prominent topics on mental health. Luckily, the list of topics can expand up to thousands of new ideas that have not been written about. You just need to look closely and discuss a subject that you feel needs more attention.


  1. Relate your topic to an entirely different field (society, politics, finance, etc.)


Depending on the class this essay is assigned to, you may want to combine the topic of mental health with your field of study. This will give your essay more depth and creativity since you can discuss other topics that are related to mental health. For example, businesses are focusing on mental health as a means to improve their work environment, thus improving the overall performance of a company.


  1. Do not get emotional or personal.


Mental health is a touchy topic and can be even more so if you have personal experience related to the subject. Some students may have friends or family members who have mental health problems or they might be experiencing it themselves. Writing about mental health can also trigger anxiety and stress for those who are new to the topic.


In this case, it is best to approach writing this essay through an objective lens. Do not put yourself in a position where you empathize with your topic or else you may end up writing about how you feel. Instead, you must write about what experts have seen and done.


  1. Conclude with a solution to a problem or a suggestion/recommendation.


Once you are done with the discussion, your conclusion should be an answer to a problem posed by your topic. Any solution you come up with must be supported by facts and you should note that it is not a form of medical advice whatsoever.


If you need some help with a complicated topic like mental health, you can have someone write my dissertation so that they can guide you and help you avoid the pitfalls of writing a mental health essay.

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