25 Ways to Improve Work Performance for your Survival

“The employees find the reports to be an extremely helpful self-analysis tool, and use the reports to analyze and reconfigure priorities!”

25 Ways to Improve Work Performance for your Survival

25 Ways to Improve Work Performance for your Survival

Some are efficient throughout the year, while others are only partially productive. Chances are, even the best employee is unable to give their best. The reason could be many, but it is the job of a leader to identify it and make them achieve their full potential.

Being skillful is one thing and being efficient and productive is another. While most of your employees could have an incredible skill set, this doesn’t translate to being highly efficient and productive.

Inculcating efficiency among the ranks will take time but definitely will help you reap the rewards in the long run. It will not only help you but will also help your team to achieve success in both their personal and professional life.

Delegate Effectively to Your Team Members

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  • Pick Tasks to Delegate: Determine what tasks are suitable for delegation; at the same time don’t solely delegate boring tasks like data entry, be willing to give up a few things that will provide value to the employee.
  • Select the Rising Star: Provide growth opportunities for new individuals with suitable work performance, a desire to learn, and a relevant skill set
  • Trust Their Process: Allow employees to select the best course of action for their working style and skills; provide guidance without being overbearing
  • Train, Train and Train: Mentoring, counseling and coaching during the delegation process help ensure optimal work performance
  • Measure Results: Provide clear metrics for success so that both you and the employee know what is expected of them
  • Valuable Feedback: Give feedback on the completed delegated tasks; present constructive feedback for improving work performance and give ample praise for their efforts in the previous task

35) Support Productive Practices In The Workplace

Infographic showing ways to improve work performance

Instead of waiting for an annual review, schedule meetings with your team members more frequently.
This helps establish a better line of communication where you can set achievable goals, discuss any hurdles, and give each other constructive feedback. Not only does this help your team stay aligned, but you can also get feedback on ways you can be a better manager.
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